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What is MediCall?

MediCall is a patient contact service created to streamline medical office productivity and reduce staff time on the phone.

MediCall incorporates the latest advances in voice and communications technology to create the most powerful patient contact program on the market.

MediCall will increase your practice’s revenue and improve your office efficiency in no time by reducing no-shows.

TelTech Systems Inc.

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All I have to say is WOW! What difference this application has made to our practice. Our no show rate is substantially less. I highly recommend using MediCall for your practice.

Diana Hansen
Administrator - Neurosurgery/Neurology

MediCall has cut down our no show rate drastically. Because it is so simple to use it frees up office staff to focus on patient's needs

Pediatric Urology Associates, NY

Our NO-SHOW percentage has declined, in most centers, 10 percent. A couple of our cent's no show rates have declined 15%. Staff time that has been recaptured in not having to do this task manually has also proven to be very valuable.

I would highly recommend this service.

S.H. – Planned Parenthood
Operations Support & Training Director

Computerized Voice Messaging System

TelTech Systems works with a variety of businesses helping them reducing their communications costs and improve their customer relationships using PhoneTag.

Designed to reduce communication costs and increase ROI

Unique remote dialing where you don’t have to be in the office to record your message or start the system. Record or listen to your message, select those you want to contact and those you don’t.,Stop and start the dialing from a touch-tone phone, from anywhere. It’s almost like being at your computer.

Always Personal with PhoneTag.

Your message is always personal; it is your voice, not a “computerized” voice rendering.  And our unique “message repeat” feature really has your people at heart. It automatically repeats the message a second time just in case they did not get the details the first time. And, if that is not enough, they can press a phone button to hear your message again.

Time saving with PhoneTag Plus.

Anyone who has worked a call list knows how time drags just dialing, not to mention the drudgery in rehashing your message, and getting drawn into conversation you don’t want or have time for. It takes forever!

Additional Features:

So Many Uses

PhoneTag Plus is ideal for any organization that needs both immediacy and the personal touch to contact many people – in emergencies, to schedule meetings, to announce events, to broadcast changes, to get response to a question, air an important piece of news. PhoneTag Plus is ideal for professional organizations and company sales networks that need to contact their sales staff in a hurry.