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What is MediCall?

MediCall is a patient contact service created to streamline medical office productivity and reduce staff time on the phone.

MediCall incorporates the latest advances in voice and communications technology to create the most powerful patient contact program on the market.

MediCall will increase your practice’s revenue and improve your office efficiency in no time by reducing no-shows.

TelTech Systems Inc.

971 Route 45 South Suite 212,
Pomona, NY 10970

Phone: 845-362-6700
Fax: 845-362-1373


All I have to say is WOW! What difference this application has made to our practice. Our no show rate is substantially less. I highly recommend using MediCall for your practice.

Diana Hansen
Administrator - Neurosurgery/Neurology

MediCall has cut down our no show rate drastically. Because it is so simple to use it frees up office staff to focus on patient's needs

Pediatric Urology Associates, NY

Our NO-SHOW percentage has declined, in most centers, 10 percent. A couple of our cent's no show rates have declined 15%. Staff time that has been recaptured in not having to do this task manually has also proven to be very valuable.

I would highly recommend this service.

S.H. – Planned Parenthood
Operations Support & Training Director

Soft Pay Reminders

How much are you spending mailing past due notices to clients? With the average per mailing and preparing past due notices well over a dollar, thousands is spent in unnecessary communication expenses annually. Automated notifications cost only pennies per message and reduce your costs significantly.

MediCall patient messaging can help you reduce past due account balances as well as offer a personal touch from your practice.  Staff members may feel uncomfortable asking for payment, causing the practice to lose revenue.

MediCall strives to create a seamless message for you, so your messages are all human voice recordings. Our automated collection calls are recorded by professional staff using your customized message.  A polite and professional automated soft-pay call to ask about a late payment will do wonders in getting your invoices paid on time.